PAL™ Parapet Anchor Leg

Aptly dubbed The PAL™, the Parapet Anchor Leg is integrated into the G2T-V+™ and the G2T-V+J™ and allows for affixment of the PSP™.

  • Helps get parapet braces off your roof
  • Solves for the dreaded “oversized load” associated with typical pre-fab parapet style roof trusses
  • Provides a significant anchorage point for architectural plant-ons (canopies, signage, etc.)
  • A simple innovation providing a consistent canvas for Architectural Prototypes

↑ G2T-43V+™ w/PAL™ and G2T-43V+J™ w/ PAL™ in a PRS™ ↓ PAL™ profiles

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